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By Darren Link

BrewTensils Brewing Class Schedule December 1, 2012 in by Darren Link

The time has come once again for BrewTensils to hold classes to educate our customers to further advance their craft. Below is a list of times and dates when they will be held and some information on what is covered.

March 21st Brewing 101- Introduction to Brewing 7PM-9PM
This class covers the basics of getting started brewing. Sanitation, equipment and the extract brewing process. FREE

March 28th Brewing 102- Ingredients 7PM-9PM $5.00
Two hours on the four main ingredients in beer. More in-depth than the 101 class, perfect for an intermediate brewer

April 11th Brewing 110- How to Keg 7PM-9PM $5.00
Love brewing but hate bottling, this class is for you. All equipment, set-up & carbonation process is covered.

April 18th Brewing 201- All-Grain 7PM-9PM $5.00
Been brewing extract for several batches? Looking to advance your craft? This is an advanced class to show you how to brew like the professionals.

To RSVP for any classes e-mail or call Darren or 252-4724

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Ever thought about growing your own hops. It’s easy and with a little amount of work you will end up with more hops than you can use. All rhizomes are $4.00 per start, here are the varieties available.

Brewers Gold It also imparts a fruity yet spicy aroma as well as having a black currant characteristic. 8-10%


Flowers, citrus and spice with grapefruit imparts a noticeable fragrance quite often. Very popular hop among craft brewers.


Flowers & citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering value makes it a dual purpose choice.


A pine forest washed with exotic spice and infused with grapefruit. This alluring aroma and a high bittering value has gained this hop full respect from craft & major brewers.


Classic English aroma hop with moderate bittering value. Pleasant wood and fruit tones will have you heading off to the hunt.




Kent Golding

Clean, crisp bitterness. Possible grape & peach aromas as well as grassy, woody notes.



The refined older English gentleman with his flowery tones that have produced some of England’s best bitters.






Mt. Hood  

Hybrid of Hallertau with similar mild flower/spice aroma characteristics with a hint more of the forest. “Clean” commonly describes it.

Northern Brewer  

A plucky American filly found herself an affable English suitor and the happy union was this well-adapted hop with its neutral, clean aroma. Used in California Common style. Dual purpose.


Strong herbal/slight spice aroma and high bittering value (along with desirable growing traits) has brought this hop variety to the forefront of the industry.









Fine, Rustic, Earthy, Spicy. Similar to Saaz.




The king of aroma hops in the U.S. with its modest bittering value and the joyous harmony of flowers, fruit, earth and spice.








Zeus Pungent aromatic high-alpha hop. Similar, if not identical, to Columbus/Tomahawk. 14-16      
2617 S. Smithville Rd.
Dayton, OH 45420
(937) 252-4724 Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday 10am - 5pm